How It Works / EVAM Sample Scenarios


Here are typical events processing scenarios, but you can design and implement your own according to your business.

Banking / Scenario #1: Stimulation

Make you customers use bank’s distance services more intensive instead of branch visits or contact center calls.

Client performs 3 fund transfer transactions by Internet-Bank without branch visits and automatically becomes a participant of travel lottery.

Control every events in EVAM! Sends SMS to the client about his participation after 3rd transfer was done.

Banking / Scenario #2: Make a bet with Bank

Add a peppercorn to your clients life and increase credit limit utilization.

Client makes a bet to spend $1.400 next month. If Client wins then Bank makes a gift of $50 in bonus points or cash-back.

EVAM keeps in mind customer bets, listens all transactions and sums up amounts, informs the customer about the bet’s status by SMS or E-mail. In case client wins the bet, EVAM calculates bonus points or executes Core Banking System to increase cash-back rate. In the end of bet period, EVAM returns previous cash-back rate.

Banking / Scenario #3: Installment Loans

Customer made a big sum purchase and used 80-90% of her credit limit of the card. Offer her to convert the last purchase in installment loan.

In real time, EVAM can detect such client, propose installment loan service, receive clients reply and complete procedure.

All that are standart for EVAM!

Banking / Scenario #4: Become the Bank of the first choice!

Customer makes withdrawal from airport’s ATM abroad, so he or she just have landed probably.

What next? Book a taxi or payment for the hotel reservation

Bank could send the client SMS like: "Get 3% discount from payment at your hotel of taxi if you will pay by your credit card".

Become the Bank of the first choice!

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