Product / Main Components

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Your company will not be changed in terms of IT systems, but your business could become amazingly different - sensitive to each customer anytime & anywhere.

EVAM Studio Designer

EVAM Studio Designer is a powerful application which enables business users to design real-time scenarios using drag & drop interface.

Designer allows to simulate and test the potential impact of events of the most complex scenarios before putting them into production with minimum IT support. Once deployed, performance can be monitored and controlled at any level of operation in real-time.

Powerful EVAM Core Engine

Event Processing Engine is highly scalable. It provides high performance and capable to process hundreds of thousands of business events just in a second.

Engine is working in operational memory and can extend horizontally. EVAM Core Engine is JAVA based and can work on Linux, Unix and Windows platforms.

EVAM Listeners

EVAM has many integration capabilities with your event source systems. Using listeners, EVAM can get events from:

  • Files, System Ports, Databases
  • CDR (Call Detail Records) sources
  • Web-services, XML sources
  • Social Networks (like Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Any other sources

Also EVAM has own web-services and JAVA API interfaces for interaction.
As a result EVAM can instantly react on events (make actions) like:

  • Send SMS, E-mail, USSD
  • Tweet / Mention in Twitter
  • Send messages / Like in Facebook
  • Interact any Systems, Databases, Web-services
  • Do smart and custom actions

Additionally, by using EVAM JAVA API, you can easy extend the potential of existing EVAM actions and implement new ones for your own needs. Just dream it, EVAM makes it happen.

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Product / Additional Extensions

Map Visualization

EVAM Map Extension is used for location based visualization. EVAM Map Extension gives the competitive advantage to improve your business, sense customer behaviors per region and act in real-time.

Social Media Detector

Andy Warhol was partially right, in future everyone become famous, but not for 15 minutes - for 15 seconds and via social networks! In most cases you have only seconds to take action.

Customer Care Module

With Customer Care Module, business users can analyze all interactions of a customer within a campaign lifecycle. Users can see touchpoints and current states of customers and take appropriate actions to success the campaign.

Neural Networks

EVAM is a platform that makes possible to do deterministic and indeterministic (based on learning) actions together. Within the scenario driven approach, learning capabilities can be used together.

Product / Features


  • Real-time event processing engine
  • Real-time actions
  • Complex event sequences

Easy Integration

  • Operational Intelligence within days
  • Many adaptors / listeners to get events
  • Minimum IT effort

Business Oriented

  • More control for business users
  • Business user oriented interfaces
  • Low IT dependencies

Customer Centric

  • Focus on your customers and their needs
  • Foresee their activity
  • Fill missing part between you and customers


  • Create results via actions
  • React on events as they happen

Fast Time to Market

  • Decreased time to market
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Design Marketing / Fraud / Alert scenarios within minutes
  • Provide financial results within weeks

Contextual Marketing

  • High degree of personalization
  • Targeted and relevant customer communications

Big Data Processing

  • Any type of data storage
  • Process huge data amount
  • Current & historical data processing

Real-time Monitoring

  • Failure is not an option
  • Easily monitor your process in real time
  • Adjust and tweak on the fly


  • Control different event source channels
  • Centralize all in one application
  • Give opportunity to externalize complex structure
  • Help your operational systems to think in event driven approach


  • Technology & platform independent
  • Not force any existing data models / structures
  • EVAM adapts to you, not vice versa


  • Catch when your customer interact with your
  • Do not loose emerging threats and opportunities