Do you know your customers needs right now?

Do you know what they will want next?

Right action at right time!

Be with your customer in Social Networks

Event & Action Manager (EVAM®) is a real-time event-processing solution that is capable to sense, filter, enrich and response to events as they produced. It can process millions of events in seconds and can create actions that can be customized depending on the business requirements. You will easy improve your customers satisfaction and experience. Just take the right action to the right customer at the right time to see your revenue growing.

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  • EVAM solution was integrated to our systems in 2009. Since then, a new era has started in our customer relations. Through using EVAM marketing tool, we can now send the right message to the right customer at the right time. EVAM is an exceptional product which will make you a pioneer in the sector.
    Bora Üzüm, Business Intelligence Director / Tekstilbank
  • We really appreciated Intellica’s EVAM solution. Our project was awarded the “The best application project” within the Company. Campaign results are much better than before.
    Özlem Topçalan, BI Solutions Department Manager / AVEA